Przedsiębiorstwo Organizacji Budownictwa
„POBUD“ Sp. z o.o.
Sprawdzony partner w budgownictwie
Over 30 years together
A proven partner in construction
Over 30 years together
A proven partner in construction


Comprehensive service for cranes and elevators

Selection, design, implementation. Over 700 devices in current service

Sanitary Installations

Full scope of installation work. Over 20 years on the market!

Building Supervision and Projects

Specialized engineering staff. Comprehensive services in the field of investment services in construction.


Comprehensive service of construction investments from the building permit phase to obtaining the occupancy permit for the facility.

Mixed use commercial space to rent

Over 1000 m2 of office, commercial and service space for rent.

Pobud Sp. z o.o.

Przedsiębiorstwo Organizacji Budownictwa „POBUD” Spółka z o.o. is a company specializing in services for housing, industrial and general construction. The company’s main activity is specialized services for construction.

During the period of long-term activity, the company increased both the scope of services rendered and the area of ​​its activity. We currently provide our services throughout Poland, including:

  • maintenance, repair, replacement and assembly of passenger and goods lifts,
  • execution of sanitary installations,
  • building design construction,
  • investment service construction,
  • supervision and acting as a substitute investor
Przedsiębiorstwo Organizacji Budownictwa
„POBUD“ Sp. z o.o.