Przedsiębiorstwo Organizacji Budownictwa
„POBUD“ Sp. z o.o.
Sprawdzony partner w budgownictwie


For over 30 years we have been specializing in maintenance and modernization of existing lifts, and assembling new units not only in Bydgoszcz but also around the whole country.

We support the ongoing maintenance of over 50 freight lifts and more than 700  passenger lifts. We carry out maintenance, installation and modernization of hydraulic and friction driven lifts.

Try out our “modernization packet” which includes keeping the lifts in excellent technical and visual conditions, all according to applicable standards and regulations.

  • lift design
  • lift selection
  • lift assembly
  • lift replacement
  • lift repair
  • lift maintenance
  • passenger lifts Bydgoszcz, whole Poland
  • freight lifts Bydgoszcz, whole Poland
  • hydraulic lifts Bydgoszcz, whole Poland
  • platforms for the disabled Bydgoszcz, whole Poland