Przedsiębiorstwo Organizacji Budownictwa
„POBUD“ Sp. z o.o.
Sprawdzony partner w budgownictwie


POBUD comprehensively deals with construction investments starting from receiving a building permit to the final process of obtaining a use permit for completed construction.

  • insulation of ventilated flat roofs, whole Poland
  • insulation of external buildings
  • insulation of buildings, whole Poland
  • replacement and assembly of window and door frames
  • comprehensive service for construction, whole Poland

We offer a number of specialized services in the field of general construction, such as insulation of ventilated flat roofs. In order to obtain excellent thermal insulation insulating material (granulated mineral wool)  placed in between free spaces of flat roof.  It  results in reduction of energy consumption.

Insulation of external buildings is made with the best technologies available on the market.
We assemble and replace joinery using high quality products made of aluminum profiles. We replace staircase door frames in residential buildings with aluminum ones.