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Eleven-stop lift turned into a twelve-stop lift

Since 2016 our Company has been modernizing eleven-stop lifts and turning them into twelve-stop lifts. All lifts are installed in so-called ‘high-rise’ buildings. The twelveth stop is added on the ground floor and thanks to it the passengers don’t have to go one floor up to take the lift.

The possibility of adjusting lifts to the current needs of the dwellers occurred when trash chutes were closed down. A lift exchange requires the reconstruction of the staircase and chutes. It is connected with making new construction project and obtaining a building permit in the Town Hall.  It is estimated that in 2025 in our city there will be more than 200,000 elderly people, often very ill and in need of help.

A large part of the inhabitants of Housing Associations is young families with small children, who use prams, or disabled people, for whom taking a few steep stairs to reach the lift is a huge obstacle. Sometimes it turns people into prisoners of their own apartments, deprived of the opportunity to get out of the block.

Since January 2019 our company has exchanged 14 passenger lifts. We are currently working on 6 lifts.