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Existing buildings upgraded with lifts

Multifamily buildings completed before the year 2000 were not equipped with passenger lifts. At present the situation has changed, and many clients are interested in such solutions which make it easier to get around in the building. Our society is getting older. This phenomenon is taking place all over Europe and is becoming more evident in our country.

It is estimated that in 2025 in our city there will be more than 200,000 elderly people, often very ill and in need of help. The Fourth Floor Syndrome – this is how architects, sociologists and psychologists refer to the obstacles which the disabled have to deal with in their everyday life. The only alternative for these people, apart from changing the apartment, is to upgrade the building with a passenger lift or platform.

In many European countries and Scandinavia adding an external lift to an existing building is a common practice. In 2017 in Finnland 1200 lifts were planned to be installed this way. It is estimated that after upgrading a building with a lift its value grows by 20%.

In order to meet the needs of the inhabitants of such buildings, our Company has come across with solutions such as: