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POBUD present at educational fair in Bydgoszcz, 26th March 2019

Educational fair – Schools’ Forum CV 2019 – took place on 26th March 2019 at Bydgoszcz Fair and Exhibition Centre in Myslecinek.

POBUD Ltd. in cooperation with Technical High School of  Power and Electrical Science no 12 had a stall there as well. The ever growing number of orders for lifts assembly and maintenance, results in our need for new, qualified employees. Therefore, we decided to support the School in pitching their new faculty – Lift Technician. We are hoping that this educational path will provide us with specialists who will be able to work for our Lift Department. During the fair we met and spoke to adolescents who had some questions and doubts about the job. Our stall attracted many young people so we are keeping our fingers crossed for the launch of this essential faculty
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